Tasty Halloween Treat For Your Dick From Charlie Cherry And Valentino Sistor

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Fuck Them In VR Now

It’s a Halloween, and your two gay friends Charlie Cherry and Valentino Sistor are going to give you a special treat for it. Getting ready to go to a Halloween party, they are going to try out the sexy outfits they bought to wear, and ask you what you think. You don’t have to tell them, just show them your hard cock and they will get the message. Hot Latino stud Valention will get down on his knees and give you a sloppy blowjob while Charlie takes him from behind raw. His ass is getting stretched, but still not enough. Charlie pulls out and the butt fucked Valention starts sucking on him – real gay VR ass to mouth – while inviting you to start banging him from behind. Charlie’s dick gets harder and has to fuck your tight ass until he explodes he is almost ready to ejaculate. But before he does, he pulls out and shoves his throbbing cock into Valention’s mouth once more, while you again slide your dick into the Latino’s ass and pound him one last time. Charlie explodes his sperm down the throat of the swarthy young man just as you ejaculate your jizz on to Latino’s well fucked body.